After Being Abused, She Took The Kids And Built A New Life From The Ground Up

“How are we going to build a house? We have no idea what we’re doing!”

After leaving a violent and abusive relationship, Cara Brookins wanted to start over by giving her four kids a home they could be proud of. Funds were limited, so Brookins knew that they couldn’t purchase a new home — but they could certainly afford the supplies to build one. With the help of YouTube tutorials and friendly strangers at Home Depot, the family slowly began to build the house of their dreams.

Incredibly, Brookins and her children, none of whom have prior home-building experience, constructed this entire house!

Brookins, who is already a successful author, details the experience in “Rise: How a House Built a Family,” which will be released on January 24, 2016. You can pre-order your copy on Amazon here.

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