Condoleezza Rice shares pic from NFL modeling gig

Looking good, Madam Secretary! Condoleezza Rice made her modeling debut for the NFL’s new line of women’s apparel this week. As always, haters gonna hate:

@joannanfl @CondoleezzaRice Condi, what’s been harder to be associated with? The Browns or the ill-advised Iraq war?

— Pete (@Extrordnaryhair) August 13, 2012

Condi in a Cleveland Browns jersey. Hmmm. never did trust a team that was named after diarrhea.

— Paula Froelich (@Pfro) August 15, 2012

But most of the Twitter reaction was positive.

I ♥ this woman RT @CondoleezzaRice Supporting the NFL & showing passion for the Browns! Can't wait for season to start!

— Kenny (@KayDee215) August 13, 2012

I did not know that Condi was a Browns fan. Cool.

— Tish (@KamaainaInOC) August 16, 2012

@CondoleezzaRice love the new nfl ad! Never knew u were a Browns fan! Beautiful!!

— Marko Farion (@SingingDDS) August 15, 2012

Condi’s passion for the Browns may have even earned her some strange new respect from the other side of the aisle.

@CondoleezzaRice I'm a liberal democrat, but I am considering following you on Twitter..Browns fans have to stick together! Go Browns! 🙂

— Robyn (@BrownsGirl) August 13, 2012

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