Conservatives offer up #ObamacareForDummies

obamacare for dummies

Let’s face it : Health care policy isn’t simple.  President Obama’s new health care law, more than 2,700 pages long, is especially bewildering.

Fortunately, conservative Twitter users took time out today to explain Obamacare to those of us who aren’t health economists.

So without further ado, here’s #ObamacareForDummies:

#ObamacareForDummies You are free to have the health care government chooses FOR YOU…

— LiberateTheUSA (@LiberateTheUSA) February 10, 2013

#ObamacareForDummiesSecond opinions will be the same as the first opinion.

— The Morning Spew (@TheMorningSpew) February 10, 2013

#ObamacareForDummies It willbe 4 hours before you’re seen.

— Brian Hilton (@Shep_Brian) February 10, 2013

#ObamacareForDummies over 65? to the back of the line.

— ShellyB (@Shelly_Bl) February 10, 2013

#ObamacareForDummies ‘I’m in pain’ ‘how could you possibly be so selfish!?’

— Hilary Gunn (@hil_gunn) February 10, 2013

#ObamacareForDummies Care is equal to your donation to the DNC-unless you are a teacher or Teamster.Then move to the front of the line.#tcot

— Steve Czaja (@Rightwingpolok) February 10, 2013

#ObamacareForDummies You will wait a long time for anything!

— Susan Herbst (@SusanHerbst1) February 10, 2013

#ObamaCareForDummies. Your insurance card is free.Your doctor is invisible.

— Paul Kinkel (@PaulKinkel) February 10, 2013

#ObamacareForDummiesDr. Kevorkian will see you now…

— Lee Ritz (@lee_ritz) February 10, 2013

#ObamaCareForDummies Take two of these and check into the morgue.

— iSheeple (@iSheeple1) February 10, 2013

#ObamacareForDummies Bill Clinton will be in charge of OB-GYN.

— Imaumbn™ (@Imaumbn) February 10, 2013

#ObamacareForDummies Airport Security and Doctors team up for upper and lower gi screening #tcot #TGDN

— Bryan Ridenour (@youthpastorbry) February 10, 2013

#ObamacareForDummies Just take a percocet instead of having that heart transplant.

— Eileen Hart (@EileenHart1) February 10, 2013

#ObamacareForDummiesdoctors office waits are going to make the DMV look like a walk in the park..

— Anne (@amm033) February 10, 2013

#ObamacareForDummies Your Doctor won’t make house calls, But a IRS agent will

— Don Vind (@tosmartbyhalf) February 10, 2013

#ObamacareForDummies You can keep your doctor. Providing of course that you can actually find one. #LimitedPractices

— Tamara Bates-Rhodes (@TamaraBatesRhod) February 10, 2013

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