Newtown residents to journalists: ‘NO MEDIA,’ ‘leave us alone’

Large flag in #Newtown with one of many “no media” signs…

— Devna Shukla (@DevnaCNN) December 16, 2012

The yellow sign in the lower left corner says “NO MEDIA.” Some Newtown residents are sick of the vultures who’ve descended on the town in the wake of Friday’s horrid school shooting, and they are bracing for more ghoulishness as President Obama prepares to speak tonight from their town.

At the end of my street there’s a big sign saying “NO MEDIA”. Thoroughly depressing. #fb

— Chris Ballard (@chrisjballard) December 16, 2012

@esqsteve I don’t really want to become part of the media circus that naturally accompanies a presidential appearance. (Not his fault)

— Chris Ballard (@chrisjballard) December 16, 2012

the fact that my neighbors have to put a sign up that says no media is disturbing..leave them alone

— d.curt (@dancurt8) December 15, 2012

Message: “Leave us alone.”

No media allowed on site for what is believed to be funeral of #Newtown victim Noah Pozner, 6. (@ Temple Adath Israel)

— Alex Weisler (@alexweisler) December 16, 2012

Obama coming to newtown? I think everyone should leave us alone nd let us grieve especially the sick Westborofuckers #KeepWestboroOut

— Brendan (@BrednanMcNamara) December 16, 2012

To all the media covering the tragedy in Newtown — Go home and leave us alone, please.

— Paul Kluga (@Wingman1953) December 15, 2012

#Newtown these media vultures are sickening in there coverage of this tragedy.Leave these people alone and let them heal in private.

— Philip Hanner (@philip_hanner) December 16, 2012


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