Sen. Kay Hagan admits skipping committee meeting on ISIS for fundraiser

While Democrats have spent a good portion of this election season’s debates trying to distance themselves from President Obama, one sure-fire way to fail at the attempt is to skip out on committee meetings to attend fundraisers instead.

During Tuesday night’s debate in North Carolina, Hagan dodged questions about her committee attendance.

Key in #NCsenDebate – Kay Hagan STILL refuses to say why she skipped > 50% of Armed Svs Hearings AND Classified #ISIS hearings. Why? #NCsen

— Brad Dayspring (@BDayspring) October 7, 2014

Kay Hagan repeatedly tied to Obama, can't explain being MIA on #ISIS & refuses to say why she missed 50% of hearings #NCsen #NCsenDebate

— Brad Dayspring (@BDayspring) October 8, 2014

At a press conference following the debate, however, Hagan admitted to reporters that she missed at least one meeting to attend a fundraiser.

Hagan in her post with reporters: one of those missed committee meetings was for a fundraiser. #ncsendebate

— Blair Miller (@BlairWSOC9) October 8, 2014

.@KayHagan admitted at her post debate press conference that she has skipped Armed Services hearings for fundraisers. #ncsen #ncpol

— Dan Keylin (@dankeylin) October 8, 2014

Biggest news of the debate comes afterwards: @kayhagan admits skipping Armed Services hearings for fundraisers #ncsen #ISIS

— Michael Steel (@michael_steel) October 8, 2014

How many more Armed Services Committee hearings did Hagan skip for fundraisers?? #ncsen #ncpol

— Dan Keylin (@dankeylin) October 8, 2014

The worst possible answer for @kayhagan was the correct answer. She skipped an important hearing on ISIS for a fundraiser. #ncsen #ncpol

— Todd Poole (@toddpoole) October 8, 2014

Been a ton of speculation that @kayhagan MIGHT have skipped Armed Services hearings for a fundraiser – then she just came out and said it!

— Michael Steel (@michael_steel) October 8, 2014

Is skipping briefings and committee meetings a bad thing?


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