This Tree Room Design Is Epic. Perfect For Kids…And Adults.

Is it too early to nominate someone for Father of the Year? If not, then this dad wins it, hands down.

When his family bought a house, they had to install a new ventilation system to comply with building regulations. The result was a bunch of new piping running throughout the house. His daughter’s room got the worst it: two big pipes boxed in drywall. 

Her ceiling was now low and uneven. In fact he said it felt his daughter’s room was underneath a tree, which gave him an idea. While she was away on vacation, he decided to paint her room to look like it actually was under a tree.

The result is an amazing and would make any kid (or adult for that matter) jealous. Just take a look. 

Starting with a blank wall.

First he painted the edges and corners.

Rolling on the initial layer of paint. To get this level of coverage required four coats.

Adding some masking tape as a guideline.

It looks like the whole room is painted green here, but it’s actually just the light reflecting off of the green wall.

More masking tape, and it was time to start mixing up shades of green.

Sketching a diamond pattern to give the illusion of leaves.

Adding the stripes quickly depleted his masking tape.

Sanding paper blocks were used to cut small marks in the wall between the masking tape. This was done to make sure distances were measured properly.

The masking tape next to each other.

Then the paint was rolled over the masking tape pattern.

The result when the tape was removed.

With the tape completely removed.

Then it was time to add the tree trunk.

An interesting shade of brown.

The final product.

From another angle.

Needless to say, his daughter was thrilled. He says his next project is to build her a tree house. What a great dad! Share this awesome story with your friends on Facebook by clicking below.

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