Why I’m Glad I Never Sent My Britney Spears Fan Letter

1. Cleaning out my room, my mom came across this important document from my past:

(Wonder if the P.O. box is still active.)

2. And inside, the first and only fan letter I ever wrote:

Also: a pretty strong indicator that I would one day work at BuzzFeed. Britney! And cat stationery!

3. In case you can’t read my 10-year-old self’s handwriting, here it is (spelling and grammar mistakes intact):

Dear Britney,
I would just like to say you are one of a kind. With your music and dancing, it really makes you stand out (in a good way of course). Your a great romodel (sorry if I spelled that wrong) for young girls today because you are a normal teen just with a not-so-common job. You keep in touch with your family, which is great. And today you see extremely skiny girl singers that make some girls want to look that way, but when you come on your skinny but not like you starved yourself, like you worked hard at it. Good luck in the future!


4. Wahoo! I’m finally sending this letter 14 years later! I bet Britney would be proud.

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